melanie howe

I am a Canadian creator passionate about making people say "hey, that was actually pretty good"! I studied film and television production, acting, improvisation, and theatre in Toronto. As for my greatest weaknesses, I've also done stand-up comedy and studied clowning. But that's way too embarrassing so I won't include it in my bio. I currently reside in my hometown of Calgary. My upcoming projects include my very own shiny sketch comedy show, and whatever else I get pulled into. Let's work and create something new together!

frequently asked questions

How can I join your sketch show as a writer or actor or angel investor or rival or in some other capacity?

If you're interested in getting involved in my comedy show, please reach out on Instagram! Or send me an email if you're a more formal, Zuckerberg-despising individual. Applicants need not be funny nor must they reside in Canada. The show is currently in pre-production but several people have already vouched that it will, QUOTE, "probably be great".

What are your comedic influences?

I'm so glad you asked me this very normal question. I take inspiration from all the usual white comedians in the insular world of North American comedy and more. Last year the world graciously extended an opportunity for me to stay at home and watch every sketch show ever made, and judging from how often my friends have to tell me they aren't interested in my hyperspecific references to sketches no one has seen, it has definitely influenced me comedically. I also got left alone in a professor's office very regularly as a child with only Garfield and the Smurfs to keep me occupied, so that has to have done some damage.

Will you be in my show/revue/short/feature/birthday party/et cetera?

Not ruling it out! If you're in need of an actor, shoot me an email and I'll share my ~film reel~.

Sweetheart, it's your dad. Will you finally add me back on Facebook?

No chance in hell, old man

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Upcoming and current projects

Whatever Happened to Alice Monroe?

This online scavenger hunt was live in the spring 2020 as a part of Verb Theatre's 'Blue Light Festival', centred around the mystery of the titular character Alice's disappearance. The audience-guided mystery hooked and thrilled participants, and is still available and live to explore.

Alice Monroe starts here.

The Rest Is Electric

This intriguing Canadian narrative science fiction podcast about robots and drama began airing in early 2020, available on most major podcatchers. I have a minor VA role, and also assisted in other capacities in the creation. New episodes air every second Tuesday.

The Rest Is Electric lives here.

Make It About You

I wrote this short about self-isolation and how it affects our perception of the self, especially related to mental and physical health. The film will go into production late 2021.

Fossil Dating

This short film I wrote and directed for the challenge #InspiredbyTENET is currently in production.

A version of Fossil Dating is streaming here.

[privately titled Sketch Show]

I'm currently in the process of creating my own sketch comedy show. This project is deeply personal to me, and I'm excited to share it with the world.

If you're curious about how you could get involved with my sketch show, shoot me an email!

Current interests

Personal interests
Revisiting a second language that I used to studyRevisiting old beloved books and video games and discovering some new favouritesShows, movies, podcasts, and several other geeky endeavours like tabletop gamingInline skating (check out my skating at @rllrml!)Urban exploration and photography (not just for location scouting or social media)Journalling and personal writing

Creative interests
Working on the first season of my absurdist sketch show, currently in pre-pre-production hellLocal film and theatre (from a production standpoint, as an actor, and in the sense of enjoyment)Writing and editing fiction and continuing to hone my skillsReimagining and stretching the 'boundaries' of visual and aural mediumsModelling and portrait photographyMarketing and social media